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Sara Rooney BHSc, ND, DASc, DC, GDSc. (Hons), MATMS.

Naturopathic Physician, Research Scientist


Sara Rooney is a Naturopathic Physician & Research Scientist who helps people to identify the underlying causes of their health problems and treat them with safe and effective naturopathic medicines and nutrient therapies. Sara has both a scientific background as well as extensive qualifications in naturopathic medicine. She is well qualified in the mainstream medical & health sciences as well as in naturopathic and herbal medicine – knowledge gained from over 20 years of formal study. Her exceptionally broad range of qualifications and knowledge also includes post-graduate scientific research in the treatment of systemic inflammatory disorders. Her extensive scientific background combined with many years of cumulative knowledge in naturopathic health care has put her at the forefront in the naturopathic field of medicine in Australia as well as being recognized internationally for her academic contributions.


Sara keeps up to date with the latest scientific research by regularly attending conferences on the most effective naturopathic medicines from around the world. Sara was also a senior lecturer in herbal and naturopathic medicine and she has run a successful wellness clinic for 17 years (www.EarthMedicine.com). Sara writes about naturopathic health for national magazines and newspapers and people consult her from all around the world for advice.


Sara Rooney is one of Australia’s most successful naturopathic physicians and, due to her wealth of knowledge and academic achievements, she acts as a bridge between the orthodox medical professions and naturopathic health professions.